Catch-up on all of your favourite English & Irish TV channels live from across Europe with Expat-tv

In fact, wherever you are in the world, we can provide you with access to live English & Irish TV

You don't have to miss out any longer. Our specially designed TV Media Centre allows you to watch all English & Irish channels LIVE - wherever you are in the world! 

Our system never needs updating and works straight out of the box. Just plug it in, connect to the internet and off you go.

There are no expensive monthly subscriptions to pay and you won't need a proxy server or a VPN. You can forget about unsightly, intrusive and expensive satellite dishes too, our system runs from your internet connection.

  • Every English Channel

  • Live stream

  • Crystal Clear Viewing

  • No buffering or lagging

  • Easy to Use

  • Reliable

  • No subscription

Beautifully designed, unobtrusive and easy to use, our TV Media Box is unique as it runs on a quad-core processor with dedicated graphics card, providing you the best quality picture with no lag.

We ship your TV Media Box direct from the UK, preinstalled with everything you need as well as comprehensive instructions.

We ship using TNT or DHL to ensure your TV Media Box arrives safely and quickly.                                         

All UK terrestrial channels are available, including many free-view too. For a complete list, click the button below.

Our media box has been specifically chosen for the job at hand. It has an inbuilt quad-core processor (much like your computer) and will seamlessly play video without lagging or skipping.



Based in the UK, we have been providing English TV to ex-pats around the globe for some time now. We understand how the system works, and have used our knowledge to commission the best TV box available to suit your needs.

With us, you're not just buying a TV Media Box and access to English channels, you're buying our expertise in this field and unlimited lifetime support.